Henry Folland (1824-1900)

A Brief Sketch of His LIfe

Typed for this website by Shirley Swensen Turley

Henry Folland Sr. Was born in 1824 in Kingscott, Devonshire, England. He married Harriet Wright who was born in 1827 in Upottery, Devonshire, England. They were married in Upton Pyne in 1849. The family was met by missionaries early in their marriage and Henry and Harriet were baptized on February 27, 1854, and confirmed on 3 Mar 1854 at Land’s End Conference Exeter branch. The family was active in the church for 10 years before deciding to come to America.

They left England the first part of June 1864 and arrived in Zion November 4th of that same year. They sailed on the Ship Hudson, which held 863 passengers, leaving June 3, 1864 and arriving in New York July 19, 1864. They made their way to Salt Lake first by sea, then by train, and finally by a two wheeled oxcart, drawn by a “mangie beast, stubborn and slow, but persistent.” It was late in the season and Nephi Aaron, their third and youngest child at the time, was 3 ½ years old. He apparently took sick enroute to Utah and Harriet records his death 25 Aud 1864, 100 miles from the Wyoming Territory, America. A small grave was dug in the parched earth, his body was wrapped in what protective garments as were available and he was buried at the west side of Beaver Creek. A fire was built over the grave to destroy evidence of the burial and so as to protect it from the wild beasts of the prairie and from the Indians. After the first was extinguished, and before moving onward toward their destination, the oxcart was drawn over the site many times to further erase evidence of the grave. This death and burial left its impact upon the entire family for years to come. The group arrived in Salt Lake on November 4, 1864. The loss of their little son lessened the joy of arrival but nonetheless they were certainly happy to finally be in Zion.